Monday, July 01, 2013

Monday Funday?

Eh its Monday, back to the grind and the same old. Actually it wasn't too awful today i finished my work super early and now I'm down to just 2 hours left of work.  I'm stretching the last one thing i have left to do. I don't feel like working too hard and my share is done anyways. So this weekend wasn't too awful. 

Friday I get to my car to go home and find a dead battery, luckily i have my parents. My mom came and picked me up and I went home a bit sad but none the less the wknd had begun. I got home and my uncle from California had snazzed up my entry way. He put little solar lights around my walkway a little gate for my tree, he hung up a beautiful "hope" sign, a small birdhouse, two plants, a wind chime, new Welcome mat and a small puppy holding a welcome sign on the front porch. It looks sooo adorable. I felt so blessed. It was his housewarming gift too me, i think he felt my entry was too bare and honestly it really was.  It hadn't had that homey feel to it. Honestly with everything going on i hadn't even been able to do anything like that. It was such a nice gesture i absolutely loved it.

Saturday we had a BBQ since my uncle was here and a few of the family came over we had steaks baked potatoes we chatted and gossiped and laughed. Then had homemade s'mores fresh roasted marshmallows, they were delicious. It was possible the most sweetest thing i have ever had and had to wash it down with a cup of milk but they were great! I loved it and definitely want to do that again soon! So much family has me so blessed and its so easy to forget. 

Sunday i got up and went to the matinee of "The Heat" with Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy, i needed some me time to just do my thing alone. To kind of breathe and step away from everything. It was funny, not quite Bridesmaids funny but it was a good one.  I decided to make that my little Sunday routine. Just getting up and going to have a matinee on Sunday mornings from now on. I loved going to the movies and i have kind of stepped away from that in recent years and i want to start going again and the Sunday matinee is best because there are so many ppl who go at that time alone and also because its only $6 lol! Gotta be frugal here.

I'm trying to be positive and stay happy and for the most part i am succeeding quite well. I've had a few moments and i see myself sad sometimes but for the most part i look forward to what my future has in store for me. I know its going to be something great. :) I've never been an optimist but i feel it in me now because i know it going to happen for me. The only down side to all of it is that i don't think ill get to be a mother afterall. This is something that i think about, i don't want to have children at 30 so if i dont have a child by March of 2016 then it wont happen of all things i struggle with that. But i think that its still possible, anything is really. 

So now to just continue to save and hope for the best we will see what July has in store for me. In 4 weeks i will make a decision on what to do as far as the vacations go. Ill keep you posted.