Friday, January 25, 2013


Well I started my part-time position yesterday. It's a work from home job and I like it so far. It seems fairly basic and easy to me. Of course will take a little bit of effort to get it all down and figured out but similar to InfoNXX where it’s just listening placing and moving right along. :) I know I’ll be a pro in no time and the best part is that I can be all enthusiastic and I’m sure I will get asked back for Mother's Day as well as hoping & praying to be hired on permanently. I think I could do well in a part-time position. I was thinking

Tues- Thurs: 4hrs

Fri & Sat: 8hrs
Sun & Mon: Off

Of course that is over hoping it! lol but that would be my ideal schedule.

I’m excited about this, mainly because it will help with the financial stress I have been dealing with and 2ndly because it gives me something to occupy my mind with. I still have time to think and of course the thoughts bring me down or make me sad or whatever it is that I’m going through but at the same time it's helping. I'm laughing in the training and enjoying myself a little. If my paycheck calculator is correct I will get a nice little amt for the 2 days and it’ll make all the difference in my bills and lifestyle!

I’m hoping he will come through like he said but I am not going to count on it because then if he doesn’t I will just be disappointed. I have to focus on doing things myself. Which I am doing rather well I might add. My January goal is going quite well, taking a vitamin every day. Come February I am determined to keep up with them. :) Sometimes thinking about those things, like right now, makes me feel so damn happy. Like proud of myself that I have focus on other things. I am getting better with a few moments here & there.

So the next chapter of MrsGinobili begins. I'm hoping for the exciting part of being single to begin, I know it’s going to come, later rather than sooner but at least now I can look forward to it. Maybe with a little time in btwn focused on purely myself I will feel more confident and ready when it comes.


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