Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is the silliest thing in the world.

So I IM'd a guy from training for some notes on the stuff we are learning and we just start to chat randomly, it’s really casual then we add each other to fb and he is just like Ur so beautiful. I was kind of flattered he thought I was beautiful, I mean I don’t think I’m an ugly duck but I’ll be honest I HAD really high self-esteem & confidence and this break up kind of shot that down. To me it was nothing; I just thought he was being nice just to be nice. During the whole conversation I was cracking up cuz the dude is quite the character and we find out we have some common interest.

Anyways he was really kind but we weren’t all hitting on each other I mean it’s just AIM how can you really flirt right? We are just trying to pass the time cracking up and stuff and it just felt nice to talk to someone like that. Someone cool as hell w/ my common interest with a silly sense of humor and an interesting "story". Then he said he looked forward to flirting with me next time and I was kind of like o_O lol I guess I haven’t talked to anyone of the opposite sex like that. I guess maybe it is flirting but there is no way for me to really know. lol.

Well the point of this post is that I kind of thought I’m never going to find someone out there who I can get along with the same who has the same interest, who thinks I’m beautiful, etc. But there are people out there, millions of them. Some aren’t that great and others are awesome ppl, now I know this guy isn’t going to be "the one" or anything he lives like in Florida but he is a cool friend and I’m glad I met him because he kind of restored my faith in humanity & more importantly MANkind. He really helped me feel better about my situation just being a friend really. Now I know I shouldn’t need men to make me feel good and all that but sometimes when Ur down on urself and going through a tough time it’s nice to know there are people out there like you.

So this all helped me take the next push into moving on, which I hope to share with you all later...


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