Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is insanely cold here in Houston today. It's 32 degrees and i just did not want to get out of my bed! I'm slowly getting back to my normal sleeping habits, it has taken some time to adjust, just being alone and stuff. I've been so tired lately its kind of odd but I've been sleeping really well like the past 2-3 nights which i am happy about. :) Of course the 4:30am wake-up is never something i want to do but getting off of work at 2:30pm is definitley worth it.

I am slowly starting to incorporate new elements into my life to make the transition easier...

The 1st Adjustment was when at 1st w/ E being gone i was so overwhelmed not only by the end of my relationship but also about having a new home to keep up with and finances. Well i made a cleaning schedule where i do one chore a day everyday of the week, i am hoping it helps me to keep the place in order as well as not feel so overwhelmed all the time.  Monday i started with taking all the Christmas stuff down and it felt good. This is the schedule i made.

S: Dust
M: Trash/Restrooms
T: Vacuum
W: Dishes
T: Kitchen
F: Sweep/Mop
S: Laundry

So far i have been keeping to it, we will see how the rest of the week goes, i am open to adjusting things. Maybe like combining Dishes & Kitchen and opening a day to clean my room specifically like washing sheets & vacuuming etc. It has been a little difficult doing everything on my own but i am managing and learning that if i pace my self i will get there. It not easy but its working so far.  Ill admit i spent at least 2 good weeks just not doing anything and just being overwhelmed but i figured i had to start somewhere and so far so good.

The Second Adjustment i have made is working on finances. I am officially on my own for all of the household bills and everything, it is really scary. I made sure i could afford everything before i bought the house on my own and i can it still scary to be on a strict budget though. I have my finances almost down to the cent. I am working on it and its not easy but i am trying and i am going to do well. But this is the 2nd aspect i am trying to incorporate into my lifestyle. Its hard to be on such a strict budget and yet still try to find time and money to have fun and go out with people etc. :( But for now i am going to do what i can and hope things work out.

The Third Adjustment is the new part time position. It's a work from home so that is the best part! And at $9/hr thats not too shabby for something like phone orders. I am a little nervous of course because its new and its learning stuff all over and all of that can be both scary and stuff but getting paid will be lovely and all of that money is going to pay my last credit card! Which i still will make a big difference. I realize it may not seem like much but with that expense gone it will help me tremendously! Then i just get to focus on my monthly utilities and mortgage, and i can focus on one of my new years resolutions Getting New Furniture! I really cant wait for that day! Along w/ decorating the house. I have lots of goals for the coming year and i plan to get there no matter how difficult the journey maybe i am going to get there.

So although i have lots of adjustments to make and things are still in the early phase and i am learning all of this, its been 2 months to the day since we broke up, im not sure if they days have gotten better or not, there are good days & bad days but overall i am okay with where i am and excited for where my life is headed.

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