Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It's been a long while since I have blogged here. Lately I've been keeping a private journal of sorts...a "diary" if you will. But I think I am ready to dip my toe back into the water of blogging. And for darn good reason I have lots of free time.

I bought a house last February it was a long process but I'm enjoying being a homeowner. So much responsibility and time it takes to care for a home but it really has been a blessing. Originally it was supposed to be two of us in our home but that didn't work out, however I planned ahead and things are going well just me alone. I am still working on furnishing the house and decorating it how I want but it all takes time & lots of money! So it’s a little-by-little process.

I am newly single, the 4yr long relationship I had with E ended in November, I am still adjusting to what I thought would be "the rest of my life" it’s weird to be on my own again but I'm working on being completely happy single. I was there at one point and I really hope to be there again of course I would rather be there sooner than later but can’t rush things that take time. I haven't discussed the end of our relationship with anyone at least not to full extent and I will continue to keep that private. I strongly believe in "not airing your dirty laundry" all I can say is I that after many years I still love him and I wish him the best & all the happiness in the world.

I am going to start a part-time position next week working for 1-800-Flowers at home. I am really looking forward to doing this, not only for the extra income but also to kill time and allow me to focus on other things. I am really hoping I get picked up for permanent part time but I will do what I can and enjoy it while it lasts. Might not be getting any sleep during valentine’s week but still it'll be worth the extra income.

I have some really great friends, people who for some reason continue to stick w/ me. I don't deserve them but I am truly thankful for them.

It's hard to adjust to a life when in your mind you had it planned, it’s hard to get back to where you were before, going backwards. It doesn't mean it’s bad it’s just not easy. I am learning that now. I have a lot going for me and I am very grateful and happy for my blessings but at the same time there is a transition period. I want to be able to start over positively and still remain hopeful to find someone who can be my companion. :)

I hope to come around here a lot more often... be talking to you all soon!

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