Thursday, January 24, 2013


Okay I need to blog about this show because it is just so amazing! I really didn’t want to give it a chance originally I had seen the end of the pilot and I was like okay this is weird but I’ve been hearing rave reviews and the main character Lena Dunham won a Golden Globe for her performance and I just love her she is so real when she gave her speech I was like I’ll give it a chance.

I saw 3 episodes yesterday; (starting from the beginning) it was the funniest shit. Like I busted out laughing a few times and that hasn’t happened with a show in quite some time. It takes a bit to make me laugh like that. It was really enjoyable, so I will give my little critique.

The girls are like real girls I kind of feel like a Hannah/Marnie combo but I’m still learning who they are. The only one who we don’t know too much about it Jessa who's accent is like a come & go type of thing. Lol. But they are all really awesome in their own way. Poor Shoshanna is ditzy as hell and so cute, and Marnie the responsible and Hannah who degrades herself for that dude Adam who I really don’t like but I can get with it. It’s just really a real show and the shit they say is funny and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Starting this show is really great timing for me. Like I needed something awesome like this in my life right now. Something that makes me laugh and is relatable. I felt so good after I watched those episodes I would have stayed up all night to finish them but I was like I better read a chapter & get to bed. I’m filling my time and its helping me. I’m so excited to have this show. :)

Today I start the part time so wish me luck! I am so excited to know I’ll be earning about $150.00 in the next two days. Lol I realize that’s petty but I need to bring in some extra income like you wouldn’t believe.