Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Things

Life has been pretty fair to me lately however i hear life isnt fair so i know it can only go on for so long. Christmas was as enjoyable as i think it could be. Not having Honey here is definetly and adjustment. Someone who is just such a big part of all our lives is hard to be without. We notice her absence in everything we do but we try to continue as she would want us too. Not a day goes by that i dont miss her but i try the best i can. I know she did not leave us alone.

As she would say life goes on, and so it has, my 22yo cousin is planning her wedding, and quite soon after her engagement if you ask me. But to each their own, she is her own woman I more feel for my uncle who has to pay for the wedding which i know a. he cant afford & b. he is doing on his own but thats a whole nother blog.

My 14yo cousin has begun preperations on her Quinceanera which is sure to be great but another family who was not prepared for what was to come. Of course we are all helping as she is my godsister and i will do anything to make her special day happen but sometimes i have to wonder what people are thinking! How can you not be saving for your child my parents did and they did w/o a lot so we could have. But again to each his own.

My sister met "the one" on 11/10/11 it is now 01/21/12 and they have been looking for houses as well as she has a promise ring. Now she is 29 so i guess there is a time limit somewhere, perhaps and hourglass running low on sand. At least i assume thats the rush...yea ill leave that one there.

E & Me, we are doing great...we are enjoying life and each other and trying this new thing called "saving" its a little hard and we have had to vary from the lifestyle we are used to a bit but we are on our way to our goal so its paying off. :) We def have our eye on the prize so we are doing what it nescessary. Pray for us we are just waiting for some good news.

For Christmas we got iPhones :) and today we bought a (too expensive) new desktop :) but we are determined to at least jazz up the inside of the house since we will be spending a lot more time inside lol. But its all going to be paid off so we arent getting in too deep. HOpefully this means more blogging from me..perhaps a vlog now that i have this webcam thingy.

Im on my way to be debt free not like i had much but ill be glad when none of it is hanging over me. Im looking forward to just paying my monthly utlities its been my goal since september and im getting there slowly but surely. Of course the holidays were a set back but i havent quit.

My New Years Resolution, which i never usually make but its the reason i want to get debt free and a few upgrades...i want to go back to school if i can take just 1 class this year i will be satisfied i know i can do it but it just seems there is always something in the way something slowing me down so im determined to get back on track and at least put my foot in the door.

i guess this was just my mindless ramblings and updates. I have better content for my next blog but i havent decided if im brave enough to post that for the world. Maybe a night i have a few beers before i blog lol.

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