Thursday, November 18, 2010

Long Over Due

So this blog is long overdue I'm trying to avoid doing my work today so i thought i would touch up on some updates very brief but still.

So I asked the horrible roommate to move out. And she will be gone by the beginning of the year! I am thrilled about this, no longer cleaning up after her and no longer having 10 lights on during the day when she isn't home and no more have to move her car all the time. I cant wait for her to be gone and clean and have the place like i want it! really looking forward to this!

E & I are doing very well, we have had our little spats from time to time but nothing worth writing home about. We are so very happy & in love and i really could not ask for things to be any better. He is my other half in every sense of the saying. Without him i am not whole and i am so loving how things are and more importantly where they are. i would be happy being this happy for the rest of our lives.

Probation is less than 2 weeks from being over. I go to court December 1st to finish all this drama and get the paperwork signed! I cannot wait! I really am overjoyed about this! But trust me i have learned my lesson and i have struggled and i have gone without and had to say no to things and people and it has been hard but I'm ready for this speed bump in my life to be over which could not have even been possible had it not been for my amazing parents and their infinite support and for E.

My family is doing well also. My parents are enjoying their second marriage, my sister and i are trying to mend our broke relationship, my grandma is off of medicines for now. Although it breaks my heart sometimes as i see her week or talk of her plans when her life ends i know she is at peace with things and that makes me happy. She will be fine and in the mean time I'm glad she is off her medicines to enjoy her time. They really take a toll on her.

Our future is looking promising and I'm excited. With the roommate leaving we are going to do some rearranging and organizing of the house to make it our own. I really cannot wait for all this to begin. Its like all coming together at the same time. E's new job, my new position, roommate leaving, probation ending wonderful things all coming to us.

So my next step which i am a little excited and a bit nervous about is def school. I want to enroll in the summer if not fall for sure. I think fall would be better to give me sometime to save some money. But i am ready to go back and finish with my associates and possibly put that to rest. I just have this need to finish it. Then from there we shall see.

Although i don't want to jump ahead of myself i do see perhaps a baby in the horizon, the far horizon, like still 3-5yrs away but not with so much changing in my life right now i see it as a possibility and that makes me happy.

And lastly i cannot forget my Spurs, off to a 9-1 start of the season, doing amazingly well! I could not be prouder. Something about the Spurs is when they are doing well it makes me so much happier and so much positive almost like they reflect my life/feelings. Its awesome when they are doing awesome.

So i will leave you now, wishing you a very happy holidays and we shall speak again soon, very soon i hope. Next time i wont stay away too long.

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