Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tired of My Job

This is the longest job I have ever had in my life. I've only been places slightly over a year. That was the longest most didn't make a year. I get bored so easily (which is a huge reason i haven't finished school, cant pick a major or at least i can pick em but i cant stick to them).

I'm just ready for a change. For me sitting behind the desk doing data entry having nothing to stare at besides Farmville/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr. It drives me insane. I feel myself getting more bored as the time passes. I don't even have enough work to keep myself busy that's another bad part.

I want to transfer to the hospital and have patient interaction or at least somewhere where there is more going on. Shoot even a receptionist answering phones will make time go by faster. I just need a change.

I really want to stay with MDA i like the hospital and the bonuses and benefits work for me. i like where I'm located that another plus but i just need a change. I don't understand how some people do this for years or their whole life. Just needed to vent some.

E says we will find a new job and things will be better, and i believe him I'm counting down the days until i can apply for a new position. I'm officially eligible September 16th. Wish me luck. I need to move!

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