Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So today i am upset for numerous reasons, but today i choose to talk about supposed friends. Now 1st let me state that this blog is not referring to anyone of my online friends. First of all the relationship i have with my online friends is even better than the one i have with my "real life" friends. And also you expect certain things from the ppl you see often as opposed to those you have met online. There is a difference, and yet i feel my online friends are better than the real ones.

Ive been fundraising for Team Honey, a team of the Race for the Cure on October 2nd here in Houston, we are racing in honor of my grandma who at 72 is still fighting Breast Cancer and doing quite well i might add. Everyone who knows me personally knows that she means the world to me, and to my family, I've asked ppl to donate $1, i mean i figure we have lots of family, she has 13 brothers and sisters, who all have kids and kids and kids. So you would think $1 a piece we should easily reach our $500 goal.

Well these ppl for years that i have called friends, who i have helped out who we've talked about anything and everything have not donated to my fundraiser. I was so sad and bummed at first then i just got mad. 1 "friend" who isn't working and going to school, her mom pretty much takes care of her and she is living off of loans i assume, she is also the infamous and horrible roommate. We use to be so close and great friends and now we aren't i suppose. I don't get how she goes out and parties and does all this and she isn't even working and yet she cant donate to me. It makes me mad how selfish ppl can be, have have known each other and been friends since 8th grade! like wtf. the other just graduated with her masters and is working now and nothing. we don't even talk anymore. I've at least gotten some promises of donations from others and i understand we are in financial struggles i should know more than most, (shoot i had a half gallon of milk go bad and i cant afford to replace it) but i try to help especially if i know this is something important to one of my friends. so for now I'm just mad. I'm furious really. ppl from online have donated to me, and more than i have requested. ppl i have never met in person can realize something is important to me and can help. yet ppl who i have spent my life with cant understand this. they haven't even been a good enough person to say "hey i really cant donate right now but ill try to before the deadline" or "i know your raising money so i am going to try to get some donations for you since i cant help" no they can even live with you and walk by you like nothing ever happened.

so I'm mad, i don't think i need ppl like this in my life. its not too much to ask i think for $1 from "friends" from ppl who are suppose to care about you, god i hope i never need blood or a kidney, id sooner have it mailed from a twitter friend than from someone I've known for years.

(im not even bothering to proofread or edit this i just needed to get this off my chest)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tired of My Job

This is the longest job I have ever had in my life. I've only been places slightly over a year. That was the longest most didn't make a year. I get bored so easily (which is a huge reason i haven't finished school, cant pick a major or at least i can pick em but i cant stick to them).

I'm just ready for a change. For me sitting behind the desk doing data entry having nothing to stare at besides Farmville/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr. It drives me insane. I feel myself getting more bored as the time passes. I don't even have enough work to keep myself busy that's another bad part.

I want to transfer to the hospital and have patient interaction or at least somewhere where there is more going on. Shoot even a receptionist answering phones will make time go by faster. I just need a change.

I really want to stay with MDA i like the hospital and the bonuses and benefits work for me. i like where I'm located that another plus but i just need a change. I don't understand how some people do this for years or their whole life. Just needed to vent some.

E says we will find a new job and things will be better, and i believe him I'm counting down the days until i can apply for a new position. I'm officially eligible September 16th. Wish me luck. I need to move!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Surprise Myself

Sometimes before you are actually in a situation you say i would never put up with that. Or if this happened i would definitely do that. I see it happen a lot especially with infidelity. Friends would say I'm not going to put up with that and then down the road they say well its different cause we are married or have a kid etc.

I'm the same. I said i wouldn't put up with certain things. And i know i still wont but something has arose. Something that i never said never to but at the same time i didn't think i would be able to stick around through. And when i found out my own reaction shocked the shit outta me. lol. I'm glad tho it meant a few things about us. 1st it meant i truly trust him. 2nd it meant our relationship is strong.

Together we will find a way through our little obstacle. I guess I'm growing. Hey who knew that could happen. lol. But I'm happy for it. I'm dealing with things a lot better than i would have thought. And its not that serious but i guess it could be if you let it become. We will be alright. After all we have each other.

I guess its true, Never say "Never". Cause well you never know. :)