Thursday, July 01, 2010

4th of July

I remember how we spent last 4th of July. It was lovely just me and him. And i find that our plans for this 4th of July are the same! lol.

Friday after work im going to do the chores and laundry etc while he is working since he is on nights. I don't want us to worry about silly things during this weekend and i also dont want to worry about having no underwear on Monday! lol.

Things have been solid for a while. In all aspects of my life. Work is boring but decent. E and I are happy and doing way better after our spat a few weeks ago. Probation is winding down I'm on mail in status which means i only have to go in every 3rd month, and i only have 5 left. I get my interlock removed from my car in a few weeks. Money is finally in a decent place, I'm no big spender but I'm okay. I'm happy, well of course I am worried about Hurricane season approaching, as Alex has already had some impact but still I'm peaceful.

Saturday we are going to a pub that has the best Philly cheese-steak and Jalapeno Poppers I have had and Sunday E bbqs for me I want hot dogs after all it's Independence Day that's the most fitting thing to have on the menu and frito pies. And the day will be spent watching NetFlix. I'm looking forward to it!

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