Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sisterly Love?

I am so tired of my family fighting. All they do is fight, its always divided and us against them, them against us. It makes me so tired and i hate it. People wonder why i don't want kids or wonder why i don't want to get married or wonder why i freaking hate Houston. Cause my family is here and no matter how much i love them, i hate living here with them.

My dad will be an ass with my mom, and my mom loves him so much she puts up with it. Then this only happens sometimes. Most times they are great together but it seems every now and then he gets in his little moods. Then my sister, first of all even tho i love her i cant stand her, i hate being around i hate talking to her cause everything she says is bullshit. I'm sorry i know that sounds harsh but it is. She is constantly saying shit that she doesn't even know about. And then her and my dad gang up on my mom, my mom is the sweetest kindest woman, she deals with so much and i feel like I'm her only ally. I cant leave her yet i cant stand to see her go through what she puts up with.

Ive always gotten along with both my parents. And the next statement I'm about to make is a huge accusation and you may think I'm wrong for saying it but its true. My sister is the one who causes all these problems.

Never has my biological sister ever made me feel good. She has always been mean to me since we were younger and she never looks out for me. She is incredibly selfish and only does for the loser men that come in and out of her life and for her friends yet she expects us to pick up the pieces when her friends or the current boyfriend drop her. She is so stupid with guys, i cant tell you the amount of debt that she has gotten into by buying these guys stuff and taking care of them. My parents have now had to move her at least 3 times because of the crappy relationships she gets herself into.

I get so frustrated with my family and i just don't know what to do, i have so much shit on my plate with probation and my own bills i don't need this from them. You would think, considering my sister fucked me with the lawyer she made me get, she would help, not once has she offered after she said she would, its been a year since i got arrested, and i can count on my hand how much she has helped me. This considering i didn't have a license i have payments she got me into that i cant afford and just her overall lack of being a sister.

My cousin has been more of a sister than her. She would call to see if i needed to go anywhere and she would take me places just to get me out of the house. E has also stepped in to take care of me. Then my sister wants to talk shit cause we go do things, like when we went to SA for my birthday n the playoffs. Yeah well my boyfriend took me and paid for it all. And what did my sister do, i got a crappy birthday facebook wall post, not even an offer for lunch or anything.

I really don't think i can be around her, i will literally tell her off and make her cry if i see her anytime soon. Then who will come in to tell me something, my dad, cause he has to defend her cause me and my mom pick on her so they say. My mom and i don't talk to her cause when we do its nothing but attitude, i really don't know if i can handle any more of this family. I'm so ready to leave. December is too far away.

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