Monday, May 24, 2010

Great Night

So on Saturday, my loving boyfriend took me out. We did what we did a year ago and it was fabulous. I had such a good time we just talked and laughed and drank. And i realized that wow, i have literally documented the last year of my life on twitter.

I remember meeting him and tweeting that whole night. I had had such a great time. It was crazy to me. Cause i realized how big a part twitter (well my twitter family) is to me. The people i have met on there are amazing and can always say something funny when you need it, offer great advice or just to wish you a good day.

I think ive become super dependent on my twitter friends. Like i find myself needing them. I dont think a day goes by that i dont tweet. But i also think its a healthy thing. To have ppl who arent directly in your life to be able to talk to. To confide in people that may not know everything about you but who are still a big part of your life. Its interesting the internet friends i have made. And its great. I love them.

Also i love E, spending the evening with him the way we did was perfect, i could not have asked for a better night. I also got 2 free beers, one from our bartender who always buys us one now like we are bffs lol and then another from our other bartender who gave it to me cause a guy ordered it then decided he wanted draft lol. So i was super happy. We then went to West Grey Cafe and had a gyro, and OMG it was delicious perfectly cooked.

Being the old couple that we have become we were home and in bed by 1am but it was great spent the best night i could have asked for. And im so excited to have him move in, i even made room in the closest and cleared him some drawers, eventually we are going to get 2 tall dressers but for now we are sharing. Im excited! :)

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