Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh Metro

Today i got a warning for not tapping my QCard before i got on the rail. I tapped it when i got on the bus but yes when i transferred i didnt tap it to get on the rail. I understand the reasoning behind this but i am so furious this morning because of 3 reason.
  1. When you tap it on the bus it deducts your fair $1.25, when you "transfer" to the rail & tap it again, it does not make a deduction because it is considered 1 trip. Therefore i paid my fair and even had i tapped it, no money would have been deducted.
  2. When you are rushing to the rail that is about to leave and you tap your card a lot of times the train will not wait for you to pay your fair and will leave so most times (knowing i have already paid) i just jump on as to not miss the train and have to wait!
  3. Before 7am most ppl riding the rail are honest ppl heading to work like myself, we pay our fair and yet in times like this we get warnings or citations, where are these Metro Police in midday or late afternoon when there are tons of ppl who obviously dont pay and have no intention of paying but just riding for free. I think at that hour you can tell we are just trying to get to work and we pay our fair whether we "tapped" or not!
So i got my little warning which i will now have to submit to my PO, its just upsetting this is not a fair way to go about this. I understand the officer is just enforcing, its his job but at the same time why should he not be able to let me go when i obviously paid my fair and have done no harm. I guess in the end its like we, the ppl who have little mishaps like this, who have to pay these fines in order to let those other Houstonians ride for free, cause honestly if you fine a homeless person or someone who doesnt care enough to pay or have a QCard chances are they dont pay these fines even if they get them.

Thanks Houston Metro, we are all going places now!


  1. Nice to meet you Mrs. Ginobili. About the game against the Heat...He is back for good. Tonight is game is testimony to that. Never say NO to to him, because that's when you will unleashed the beast in him. And that's when it's going tougher for anyone who plays against him.

    Now the only thing is left is for the Spurs front office to give him an extension. The idea of seeing Manu in another jersey, is a proposition that I hate the most. I've said it before and I will said it gain, he destined to be a Spurs and he must be a Spurs for many years to come.

  2. There is no metro here in SA! Our city is so behind :)