Wednesday, February 03, 2010

If It's Not One Thing...

It's another. That says is soooo true. You hear it all the time, i know i always heard it from my parents but i thought it was something adults say. lol. This blog is going to be short and just me complaining.

So im dealing with the probation thing okay. But its like i was so excited to get my income taxe back and pay off my entire fees. Then $300 goes to a plumber, of course i dont have to pay it off right now, my fees. But i was trying really hard to get ahead. It sucks but im dealing with it. Then i get into a huge argument with my sister over dinner when i was just trying to go and chill out. Then i am still having a pain in my back, and i might possibly have scabies. So im keeping E/Trouble away cause i dont want him to get them. Im having to stay up way past my bed time for this damn breathalyzer that makes me get up at 11pm.

Im frustrated but i needed to vent. Im going to be okay i know that. I keep thinking things could be way worse and it makes me feel better. I just sometimes want to cry. But on a good note although i hate being without E i think some time alone will do me some good. Maybe watch a few chick flicks, get the crying out, read a book or two. Do some girly stuff, you know paint my toes, pluck my eyebrows, wash my hair lol.

Im feeling better already just sometimes it seems like a never ending cycle. But again things could be worse and im surviving. Im living, im able to wake up every morning. I have a family that loves me and helps me. I have a boyfriend who loves me and cares for me. All in all things are good....

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