Monday, February 08, 2010

#1 Fan

My God Family has been in my life before i could talk or walk, they are a huge part of my life. And this weekend i noticed something that i guess I've always known but it still warmed my heart.

My God Brother Carlos, he is like maybe 10 years older than me and i grew up with his family. His mom was my babysitter since i was months old and eventually she became my God Mother. Well every since i can remember he has been into rock n roll, Spanish rock that type of stuff. He has had a band for years and he has been on the music scene since high school. He's not a big name he has played a few shows in various cities in Texas and also a few other states. Needless to say music is his passion it is something he will never give up.

My God Parents on the other hand are traditional Mexican, born and raised in Mexico and they came here for the "American Dream" right.... Anyways my God Mother understands but wont speak English and my Godfather is the same way. Of course i know he speaks it to clients cause he runs his own business but i don't think i have ever heard him talk it myself but i know he knows. lol.

So this weekend my god brother/neighbor came around to let us know he was having a party. He lives on one side of me in a duplex, that his parents own, and his parents live on the other side of me in a house. So he was going to be playing loud until about midnight. No big deal to me right? He invited us and everything. So we go over, its not really our scene the whole rock and roll thing but of course I'm going to go how can i not.

The thing that was so touching was seeing my godmother. Carlos is like 30 something he has pursued this dream of music forever, and altho his parents don't even understand the music he plays and in all honesty they may not even like it, it never ceases to amaze me how support of him they are. I could not get past the image of my Godmother in her little sweater and sweatpants walking around with her little granny glasses on taking picture with her digital camera. I mean the scene is a bunch of punk rockers all in black, pretty drunk listening to her son play and cheering him on. It seemed so odd to me but so sweet and beautiful. Her unyielding support of her son. I just think of the day when i have a kid and he may come to me wanting to do or be apart of something i don't understand but i hope to be like her. I want to be that mom who is just so proud, even at midnight with the cops coming to shut down the party she is out there supporting her son.

It was just something i saw this weekend that i wanted to share, an odd picture but a beautiful sentiment. I hope all of you have something or someone like this in your life to support you no matter what. I think my parents would do the same...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

If It's Not One Thing...

It's another. That says is soooo true. You hear it all the time, i know i always heard it from my parents but i thought it was something adults say. lol. This blog is going to be short and just me complaining.

So im dealing with the probation thing okay. But its like i was so excited to get my income taxe back and pay off my entire fees. Then $300 goes to a plumber, of course i dont have to pay it off right now, my fees. But i was trying really hard to get ahead. It sucks but im dealing with it. Then i get into a huge argument with my sister over dinner when i was just trying to go and chill out. Then i am still having a pain in my back, and i might possibly have scabies. So im keeping E/Trouble away cause i dont want him to get them. Im having to stay up way past my bed time for this damn breathalyzer that makes me get up at 11pm.

Im frustrated but i needed to vent. Im going to be okay i know that. I keep thinking things could be way worse and it makes me feel better. I just sometimes want to cry. But on a good note although i hate being without E i think some time alone will do me some good. Maybe watch a few chick flicks, get the crying out, read a book or two. Do some girly stuff, you know paint my toes, pluck my eyebrows, wash my hair lol.

Im feeling better already just sometimes it seems like a never ending cycle. But again things could be worse and im surviving. Im living, im able to wake up every morning. I have a family that loves me and helps me. I have a boyfriend who loves me and cares for me. All in all things are good....