Friday, October 30, 2009


Halloween is probably my 3rd favorite holiday, next to My Birthday & Christmas.

I know its considered a kids holiday or that its a made up thing in order to make money, (you know the whole "man" thing) anyway i love this holiday cause its the one night out the year that you can be someone else completely. Where its okay to play dress up, even as an adult, and walk around town begging. lol No one is going to judge you beacuse ur dressed up and no one is going to give you a hard time cause you want to be different.

When i was little i was all sorts of things, i remember being a carebear, a tiger, a devil, a witch, a bum, hmmm and the list goes on. But its almost like a no rules type night. Although i havent dressed up in years for Halloween, i love seeing the kids dress up, and if you know me you know i dont like kids, cant stand them lol i know im horrible but to see kids dress up its for like 3 reasons, either A) they want to scare you B) they want to look cool/pretty and the big one C) the want to be someone different or more commonly their idol or hero. Kids dress up as batman, superman, (back in my day) power rangers, hannah montana, angels etc. They want to be something better and bigger and you can truly see kids imaginations and excitement in getting to be the hero even if just for a night.

I wish i could go back to that time, but honestly if i were to dress up right now it would be as a Spur lol those are my heros. Its fun to have heros, to pretend & to really play. Although over the years my treats have changed from candy to beer it still has the same background.

This year we are going to spend tonight watch scary movies and tomorrow night at the Rockets game but its def gonna be good. I got my partner with me and we took off Monday (for court stuff) so we have a long beautiful weekend together. I hope everyone has a great time and is safe out there.

Happy Halloween!

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