Friday, September 25, 2009


Well this morning as i was getting ready i was watching the news about the potential bombing in Dallas. Stuff like this always gives me a mixed feeling. Its very sad to think this is still going on. And at the same time it confuses me.

I dont understand why people want to hurt Americans. I dont understand how people allow other people to control thier minds. Its very scary at the same time. One of the ladies who committed the Charlie Manson murders died in jail today or yesterday. Its amazing how these people were able to let a sick man get in their heads and make them do these things. How week minded are people to lose control of themselves.

The sad part is that although it is wrong how others want to hurt us in some cases i can understand. There is never a reason for violence especially not war. I dont understan the politics of the war going on now but i do believe that America being the great country that it is should take care of its own. I believe that our soldiers should be here on our shores safe. I believe that even tho we were attacked so viciously at 9/11 there is a line that should not be crossed.

All 3 of my uncles were in the military. I understand the position that many ppl take but it truly saddens me to hear of the loss of some many men and women and its something that i feel can be avoided. I wonder if true peace is every going to happen. Or if it ever was in existence or something fabricated in our own minds. I think sometimes if every country were to keep to itself and do things the way they wanted to a lot of conflict could be avoided, but then that creates prejudice.

Well that's just my thought for today. Im sure everyone has their own opinions about stuff as sensitive as this. As hippy as this might sound i just hope one day our country, if not the world can honestly be filled with love, peace, happiness and respect for everyone to do what they must to achieve this. :)

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