Friday, September 04, 2009

Labor Day = Moving Day

So as tragedy struck my Trouble and our plans had to be canceled for the long weekend i decided to go ahead and move up my move from next weekend to this weekend. That way i am busy with that and don't have time to miss him as much, well that's the plan anyways.

Its a swap what we are doing. My sister is moving back home after a very difficult break up and i am moving into the house she was living in. Along with my new roommate, my bff, we have wanted to live together forever so this is perfect timing! I'm excited about it.

I love organizing and cleaning. I feel good when i finish a big project like that. i don't know why its very odd i know. But hopefully ill be settled when he gets back and we can spend Labor Day together relaxing and just being together.

I'm a huge planner, if you didn't already know that. In my head i already know how my furniture will be arranged and what will go where. Its already done in my head which some ppl find odd but i don't like things to be a mess. when its time to move everything in i like to be able to say that goes there and that goes there and there is no removing things. Everything is set in its place!

Well that's what ill be up to this Labor Day weekend. Should be fun, I'm sure there will be some twitpics and frustrated tweets from me, after all my family is helping and that is always interesting. :) Hope everyone else has great plans and enjoys their long weekend. Love you guys!

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  1. Moving is always fun! A new beginning is a way that I like to see it. Glad that you found a way to occupy your time to keep your mind busy and somewhat worry free. Have fun in your new place and may you create many new wonderful happy memories. Glad that you and your Trouble were able to reunite :)