Monday, August 17, 2009


I didn't realize i could miss a person so much until Saturday. I'm not a too attached type person. I'm really okay being alone. I have no problems with that. This weekend Michael came to visit.

I spent Friday evening with my best friend and Trouble. We had fun, we went to a few bars and then home. We stayed up talking until finally falling asleep. In all it was a typical day with Trouble and a fabulous one as always.

So Saturday he leaves and Mike comes to town, we go to the beach he spends the entire time fishing. We come back and I'm pretty tired from the night before and he is tired from the beach so we go to sleep. I was super bored and lonely at the beach, i was really kinda bummed. Sunday we get up see The Goods, eat at Wings N More and then i go home clean and a few hours later he leaves.

I realize this sounds like a super uneventful weekend, but the entire time all i could think of was how much i miss my Trouble. I just wanted to spend the day with him like we have every weekend since we met. I know ill be able to spend time without him but its like when you have so much fun with someone and there is never a dull moment, and time is flying then you spend time with someone who you used to have a blast with i guess things change.

I realize it may seem like an exaggeration to say that i missed him so much it was barely over 36 hours that we didn't see each other but it was the longest for me. Last night we went to the track and had a blast, i had so much fun in like 5 hours than i did the whole weekend. Maybe Mike and i still have a little tiff in the air over our previous fight so things seemed awkward. But i can honestly say that i really do enjoy spending time with Trouble, its not just about having a lot to talk about, things in common, which is a big part of why we work, its about having fun together cause we truly do have a good time. no matter what we may be doing.

Just wanted to say (again for the like 100millionth time) how glad i feel to have found him. :)

On a side note wish me luck, i have court again on Thursday, that will make for a long blog I'm sure. Hopefully not another reset.

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  1. OMG! Totally thought that I commented already! Anyway, totally know what you mean and want you to know that it is only normal. You're missing someone whose become a part of your everyday life. Someone whose become part of your everyday routine. It's only natural for you to long for tht person when they aren't there. Take me for example, to me it seemed like this week would never end! Just remember to cherish each moment you have together so tht way when one of you is MIA, you have those precious moments to think about that only make the reunion that much sweeter! Love ya MG and have a great weekend :)