Monday, August 10, 2009


Uh-oh, the inevitable happened. Trouble & I have gotten into what i can tifts. Like small arguments where one of us is usually mad but not at the other one, and the other one is calm. We haven't both gotten mad and def not at each other. So we had our first fight on Friday.

Briefly ill tell you what happened, he is of Puerto Rican (& Honduran) dissent and I am of Mexican dissent (among Czech, Spanish, & Indian). But anyways i always had a negative stereotype over Puerto Ricans til i met him, and i know that's horrible and def not all PRs but more over PR men. But i joke a lot about it cause the first night we met i was telling him how i had that stereotype and it turned in to a joke. Well he made a joke, which really wasn't as bad as i make about PRs but i took offense. It could have been the alcohol but still i got mad. He tried to explain his side and i did mine and it got heated. So i decide I'm ready to go and he tells me to go ahead he'll close our tab i can leave, well Mr. Puerto Rican thought i would be like no, ill wait or something. Hell no, this Mexican took off. it was the funniest thing (not at the time).

So I'm driving home, and he calls me that he wants to come over to my house, and I'm like well do i have a choice or are you coming anyways, he said he was coming anyways but if i would please let him in. So i go in leave the door open and go to the RR when i come out he is laying in my bed playing with Kit-Tea. Needless to say the fight ended. He did his apologizing and i did mine and the night was saved. I thought i was so cute because I'm never like that. It takes a lot of time for me to cool off but i just looked at him and thought 'i don't want to fight with you' and he said it before i could. he just makes me very happy. more than i can express in words.

Our first fight, to me, was a failure, no ugly words were thrown, no raised voices, oh wait yes at the bar he kinds raised his voice and said "would you let me talk?!" my response "why are you yelling at me?" and his was "I'm sorry, please let me speak" it was so funny, apologizing in the middle of a fight for being mean, i mean that's the point of a fight right.

So we fought, and he is still around and I'm still happy and i want to stay that way for a long time with him. He even kinda made a comment how San Antonio is the only other city he would live in, in Texas. :) He knows i plan to move there.

Just being girly & mushy! Love you guys!

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  1. Totally hear you MG. This past week, the rattlers experienced the same thing and OMG it was on Friday too! Haha! Our thingy lasted a day in a half though but it had alot to do w/issues from our past (we have alot of history). Anyway, I think that the best part of an argument w/your significant other is the making up part, that's when you really get to act all girly and stupid in love which is always fun. Glad that you were able to work things out with the conductor! Have a great day :)