Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well ive been wanting to blog about this for a while but have just been avoiding it seeing as i have mixed feelings on the situation. But, thats my blood result, .12 the legal limit is .08 so yeah im over.

Now its not all bad, there is a program with the DAs office where i can get on a pretrial diversion program and do some stuff for a year and after that year my case will get dismissed and my lawyer will help get it expunged. But if i mess up the terms of that probation i get 30 days in jail. So this is a rough deal. Cause it could be a tiny simple slip and i could be back in jail & trust me i never want to go back. There is also a lot of flaws with the program and people are saying that it is not legal and that there are many problems with it, like i would have to enter a guility plea.

So now my debate is whether to take the probation or cut a deal. I still have to see the stipulations of the program but from a rough draft ive seen ill have curfew & i cant go to bars, ill have to take alcohol tests and counseling there are quite a few things. Im not sure if i want the hassle, either way its something im going to consider and i wont make a decision until i have all the facts laid out in front of me.

Im hoping its something i can tolerate but somehow it seems that its really more than its worth but ill try to be open minded. So thats all for now about my legal troubles, im hoping for the best!

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