Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well ive been wanting to blog about this for a while but have just been avoiding it seeing as i have mixed feelings on the situation. But, thats my blood result, .12 the legal limit is .08 so yeah im over.

Now its not all bad, there is a program with the DAs office where i can get on a pretrial diversion program and do some stuff for a year and after that year my case will get dismissed and my lawyer will help get it expunged. But if i mess up the terms of that probation i get 30 days in jail. So this is a rough deal. Cause it could be a tiny simple slip and i could be back in jail & trust me i never want to go back. There is also a lot of flaws with the program and people are saying that it is not legal and that there are many problems with it, like i would have to enter a guility plea.

So now my debate is whether to take the probation or cut a deal. I still have to see the stipulations of the program but from a rough draft ive seen ill have curfew & i cant go to bars, ill have to take alcohol tests and counseling there are quite a few things. Im not sure if i want the hassle, either way its something im going to consider and i wont make a decision until i have all the facts laid out in front of me.

Im hoping its something i can tolerate but somehow it seems that its really more than its worth but ill try to be open minded. So thats all for now about my legal troubles, im hoping for the best!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I didn't realize i could miss a person so much until Saturday. I'm not a too attached type person. I'm really okay being alone. I have no problems with that. This weekend Michael came to visit.

I spent Friday evening with my best friend and Trouble. We had fun, we went to a few bars and then home. We stayed up talking until finally falling asleep. In all it was a typical day with Trouble and a fabulous one as always.

So Saturday he leaves and Mike comes to town, we go to the beach he spends the entire time fishing. We come back and I'm pretty tired from the night before and he is tired from the beach so we go to sleep. I was super bored and lonely at the beach, i was really kinda bummed. Sunday we get up see The Goods, eat at Wings N More and then i go home clean and a few hours later he leaves.

I realize this sounds like a super uneventful weekend, but the entire time all i could think of was how much i miss my Trouble. I just wanted to spend the day with him like we have every weekend since we met. I know ill be able to spend time without him but its like when you have so much fun with someone and there is never a dull moment, and time is flying then you spend time with someone who you used to have a blast with i guess things change.

I realize it may seem like an exaggeration to say that i missed him so much it was barely over 36 hours that we didn't see each other but it was the longest for me. Last night we went to the track and had a blast, i had so much fun in like 5 hours than i did the whole weekend. Maybe Mike and i still have a little tiff in the air over our previous fight so things seemed awkward. But i can honestly say that i really do enjoy spending time with Trouble, its not just about having a lot to talk about, things in common, which is a big part of why we work, its about having fun together cause we truly do have a good time. no matter what we may be doing.

Just wanted to say (again for the like 100millionth time) how glad i feel to have found him. :)

On a side note wish me luck, i have court again on Thursday, that will make for a long blog I'm sure. Hopefully not another reset.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Uh-oh, the inevitable happened. Trouble & I have gotten into what i can tifts. Like small arguments where one of us is usually mad but not at the other one, and the other one is calm. We haven't both gotten mad and def not at each other. So we had our first fight on Friday.

Briefly ill tell you what happened, he is of Puerto Rican (& Honduran) dissent and I am of Mexican dissent (among Czech, Spanish, & Indian). But anyways i always had a negative stereotype over Puerto Ricans til i met him, and i know that's horrible and def not all PRs but more over PR men. But i joke a lot about it cause the first night we met i was telling him how i had that stereotype and it turned in to a joke. Well he made a joke, which really wasn't as bad as i make about PRs but i took offense. It could have been the alcohol but still i got mad. He tried to explain his side and i did mine and it got heated. So i decide I'm ready to go and he tells me to go ahead he'll close our tab i can leave, well Mr. Puerto Rican thought i would be like no, ill wait or something. Hell no, this Mexican took off. it was the funniest thing (not at the time).

So I'm driving home, and he calls me that he wants to come over to my house, and I'm like well do i have a choice or are you coming anyways, he said he was coming anyways but if i would please let him in. So i go in leave the door open and go to the RR when i come out he is laying in my bed playing with Kit-Tea. Needless to say the fight ended. He did his apologizing and i did mine and the night was saved. I thought i was so cute because I'm never like that. It takes a lot of time for me to cool off but i just looked at him and thought 'i don't want to fight with you' and he said it before i could. he just makes me very happy. more than i can express in words.

Our first fight, to me, was a failure, no ugly words were thrown, no raised voices, oh wait yes at the bar he kinds raised his voice and said "would you let me talk?!" my response "why are you yelling at me?" and his was "I'm sorry, please let me speak" it was so funny, apologizing in the middle of a fight for being mean, i mean that's the point of a fight right.

So we fought, and he is still around and I'm still happy and i want to stay that way for a long time with him. He even kinda made a comment how San Antonio is the only other city he would live in, in Texas. :) He knows i plan to move there.

Just being girly & mushy! Love you guys!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Smooth Sailing

It's been a while since i blogged and i kind of feel distant from everyone, i know i got a new friend and all of a sudden I'm MIA! lol But I'm at work and Twitter is down so i will Blog! :) Really, like my last few blogs this is about the guy. Feel free to skip over, but before i was having some hard times incorporating everyone in my life. Somehow tho it has fell into place, i think RG had something to do with that. She said it would go down that way. lol

Friends, are doing well, altho it took everyone a little time to adjust to the new and very important addition to my life they have all come around in their own way, don't get me wrong i still "disgust" them I'm sure but they have gotten over it, for the most part.
  • The Best Friend, is having a hard time, she was hurt by that good-for-nothing man she was seeing, can you believe that he is engaged to his ex-girlfriend, 3 months after they (him & my bff) broke up. She has her days and I'm a lot more understanding now to her animosity towards my Trouble, (misery loves company) no excuse but i have to be understanding. And I'm standing by her side & we are gonna get over this heartbreak together, like we've done everything else.
  • Michael we had a brief parting of the ways due to Trouble but he has gotten over his issues with the situation and learned just how happy i am and he is genuinely happy for me, this is the biggest thing for me cause Mike means a lot to me. Altho he wont meet Trouble yet its okay, hell come around in his own time.
  • Twin, i don't mention him much but he is my other guy bff, he is the one who is always supportive no matter what, even if i became a drug addict stripper he would love me and never judge, lol. But he has really made the most effort among my friends to get to know him and they get along great.
  • Meghan, is my 2nd girl bff and she told me yesterday how happy she is for us. And that she is glad i found someone who can make me so happy. She's my girl thru thick and thin and it means so much that her along w/ everyone else is finally on my side.

Family is my core, the reason i function and the reason i am the person i am today.

  • Dad and i recently had an argument. My dad and i don't fight, at all. So this was something that was hard to deal with. But in true Daddy's Girl fashion, we went to Happy Hour and talked through things. We are seeing eye to eye again, and the scariest part was me telling my Dad that i am in love. But the funny part is that it wasn't hard for me to say it. when he asked if it felt right in my heart i knew it did.
  • Mom, is 1000% supportive and thrilled, just being a typical mom! As long as i am happy she will back me, when dad and i went thru our little tift she was on my side and that meant so much to me.
  • Sisters, well one has her issues and the other has really been the one to hang, like really hang out with us. We all get along so well, Me/Trouble & Elaine/Troy. I really don't know if our relationship (mine & troubles) however new and fast it may be, would have survived had it not been for her. She is the one who pushed me to have fun and screw what the rest think, cause just like she said (and you all said it too) they would come around eventually & if not oh well as long as i was happy.

Overall i can't complain with how things are going. I'm completely happy. Its been a long time. Those phone calls and text messages really brighten my day. Dollar beer night is the only way i make it through the week now. And every weekend is a new adventure that is always filled with love, happiness, laughter, fun and a dash of trouble. i could go on for days, but to spare you the disgusted look i will simply tell you thanks for being there completely & enjoy all the love that you may have in your life. Because (and here is the pessimistic side of me coming out) you never know how long you'll have it but you'll always remember how great it was.

Love you guys!