Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Trouble & Fun

I love how sometimes you just feel like being trouble. This morning i felt good and i mentioned how i want to get into trouble & then Ms. RG said she felt mischievous, i think that's funny. I mean sometimes its good to be troublesome and mischievous. Everyone likes a little of both.

So my friend and i were talking & i call him Trouble, cause that's what he is. But good trouble, and he said i was his trouble but i convinced him I'm just fun, but bad fun. So i started thinking this cant be good, cause when you mix trouble & fun its hard to stop. I thought that was pretty funny, and at first i was worried but now I'm looking forward to a little more of both. Needless to say so far so good on the friend thing.

I hope everyone gets into a bit of trouble today or this week, and most importantly i hope its fun. Things really are looking up. :)


  1. So true that sometimes trouble and fun is the perfect receipe for disaster. And yes it is sooo hard to stop, especially when it feels so good and right!! And this is what I have to say to that, pfft!!
    Hell, you only live once and I think you should have as much fun as possible. As I recall MG, you once mentioned to me on a previous blog of mine, and I quote "dont be too scared to live! cause youll miss out on the great things." That my dear I took to heart and have been having the best time ever. Along the way there have been a couple of "I'm not sure if this is right and I can't believe I did this" but hey, that's life!! Live by those words you told me!

  2. It's fun because I always stop short of getting in big trouble lol Plus, I love the grin that comes with trouble!! haha