Monday, June 29, 2009

Time Flies...

Well as we all know i have a friend, things are going well in this friendship. I'm not making it more than it is. But my natural reaction as with most things that get to serious is to either.
  • A. laugh it off and joke about it, not take it seriously or
  • B. close up and run away.
Its taking everything in me right now not to do that second one.

So he mentioned a trip to San Antonio and right away i got excited but i said when it gets closer we will discuss it, i don't want to be making plans too far in advance but i said it sounded like a good idea. And it does but now I'm thinking is it too soon to go on a trip with someone i just met? i mean granted we get along great, but that's like 2 whole days together non stop. I don't know, i want to but I'm hesitant.

The quickness of it all is freaking me out. This weekend we spent almost a full day together, partially cuz the hangover didn't wear off and cause we wanted to, when he left i didn't want him to and he didn't want to. But that's also not good. I'm terrified now. Nothing has ever ever moved this fast for me.

I know y'all are thinking or saying "follow your heart" but I'm built differently. Ive always said that i cant think that way cause i just think your heart is dumb and is gonna get you in trouble. lol. But i do love some trouble. But that's not the point. I guess I'm just venting my worries and concerns. I do that too much don't i? Sorry.

PS. I just re-read this and i cant believe i put BUT in there like 10 times. I'm trying to totally talk myself out of what i want to do. Yeah this isn't gonna end well, i usually just end up doing what i want anyways.

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  1. Ahh my friend! Sad to say but this is one of those things that you are gonna have to decide on your own. It's very easy to say "yes go and have fun" or "no it's to soon" especially when we are not in the said situation. I understand completly where you are coming from though and I know exactly what those feelings are that you are feeling. I've been there and done that, more than I'd like to admit, lol. The heart is saying yes but the head is saying no, slow down! You'll know what to do. And when you do, should you need to, call txt or DM me! Love ya!!!