Friday, June 05, 2009

Temper Temper

Last night on chat i asked my fellow chatters: Can people control their emotions or do emotions control people?

This is something i think about alot because well i have a horrible temper, yet with all my other emotions i try to keep them in check. I think, for instance that if i choose not to "like" a person, regardless of my attraction or draw towards them that i can control that feeling. Others think I'm full of shit.

But Rita pointed out that, especially with anger, we are able to keep that emotion in check. Sometimes, like with bosses, we want to hit them for something but we are able to control it and put a smile on our face. Yet PJ mentioned that even tho you have a smile on your face doesn't mean that you're fooling your feelings deep down inside. So all of these things made me think.

I like to think i control my emotions. i don't like to think something like anger, love, sadness can control me. But maybe my fellow friends are right maybe we cant control how we feel, on the outside yes but on the inside is a different story. So why then is it that i can control my emotions except anger.

When i get mad, i get MAD! I hardly ever forgive and i don't forget, i use words to hurt whoever has made me mad and i hold a grudge like its no one's business. And im terribly irrational when angry, which i know isnt good but hey thats me. So if this one emotion can get the best of me perhaps they all can, given the right circumstance. Or maybe i just channel all my feelings into anger.

Who knows, i know this is random but its just something i was thinking about, you probably already realize I'm really random with stuff. lol


  1. Sorry I missed this part of the chat! Excellent question concerning emotions that I believe can go either way depending on the type of person that you are.
    If you are the type of person who's learned to accept the ordeals of dealing with what life hands you on a daily basis, controlling emotions can eventually become a natural part of everyday life. However, if you are the type of person who keeps feelings bottled up inside, or doesn't learn or know how to express yourself for others to know and see, it is then that emotions can take over you.
    Of course there are gonna be those times that no matter how much you think you can control yourself, the feelings that are there just take over you (whether it be love, hate, happiness) and that's ok! Hey we are only human. I have always thought it best that the key to controlling your emotions is to set aside time for yourself. Whether it be exercise, meditation or even simply blogging, there has to be something that we as individuals need to do to channel our emotions so we won't be so uptight. At least that is what I do and it hasn't failed me. Have a lovely day!! :)

  2. I think we're cut from the same cloth..I feel like I'm the same way. What I've recently learned is that if you just learn to remember to go with the flow, it's easier to control emotions. It's like a "i can't change it so why worry about it" type thing. I don't know if it's right but it's working for me so far!