Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Friends

So my new friend and i have been hanging out kind of a lot. Things are going very good, we are just friends but i have fun hanging out with him. He is really cool. Its hard to find someone to click with and be able to talk to. I kinda feel really lucky cause right now I'm going through like changes with the friends around me but I've been really fortunate to have new friends to fill that void. And I'm really hoping these new friends of mine will be around for a long time to come.

First and foremost my Twitter family rocks. Like its weird/funny to find people that you can talk to for hours almost on a daily basis and it all started because of the Spurs, i think that is truly are strongest bond, aww the Spurs brought us together. And i know I'm not close with all of the chatters the same and i see stronger bonds between others but i just cant get over how cool that is. It sounds cheesy but it really is something special and it makes me happy to be even a little part of that. Cause we can talk about the corniest stuff, i cant count how many inside jokes i know go on between everyone and then if you really are having a tough time everyone is there to listen/read and just offer kind and loving words & support. Especially lately i feel like I'm complaining all the time but no one is like "shut up already MG!" lol And I'm really starting to get better and feel better so i do hope to be more positive and happy from now on.

My other friend who I've know like 2 or 3 weeks started the same. That lovely basketball bond, altho he is a Rockets fan he has love for the Spurs so that's a good start. And anyways if he gets out of line talking about my 'old' spurs i always throw out that "who has gotten 4 rings in the past 10 years & who cant get out of the 1st round?" so that always works. but its nice to meet new people. I know i worried a lot about making friends when i moved to San Antonio and then again when i moved back to Houston but someone is watching out and bringing beautiful and smart and generally just awesome people into my life and i couldn't be more grateful!

I just wanted to say how much i appreciate you, yes you reading this and all the other new people in my life who have been an infinite beacon of support. Much love!

Big Hugs!

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  1. I love how I have been first comment lately!! Haha! Anyway....First of all, great to hear that things are going well between you and your new friend. This makes me happy :) Second, I totally understand where you are coming from w/the whole twitter friend thing. Our bond in friendship happened so fast and I too find it absolutly amazing how we all became friends so quickly. I too see that some are closer than others but it is true that in the end, we are all there for each other. Whenever someone feels bad, right away there is a tweet giving some kind of support or encouragement. I think that's cool!

    And I would like to add something on a personal note, I want to tell you MG thanks for some of your words of support and encouragement. You truly have been a great twitter friend and I love ya!