Friday, June 12, 2009

3 Hours

I spent 3 hours on the phone last night talking to my friend. i hate talking on the phone. but for some reason it was okay. i enjoyed it. i almost didn't want to hang up. almost. lol. i think this friend is going to make me crumble quick. not good. trying to keep my guard up but its getting increasingly more difficult. ahh, i know better tho, i got my shit in check, lol yes i know that's the ghetto-est term ever but it makes sense in this situation. I'm going to be having a (hopefully) fun filled, long weekend so i might not be able to blog or tweet or chat too much but i most certainly will try. I'm going to be good, i just printed out Jiminy Cricket and put him in my pocket, ill need him. its not like i do bad things, I'm a good girl its just that i have too much fun and i honestly feel a little guilty about it. like i shouldn't be having fun right now or like I'm doing something wrong by having the fun. i don't know, things happen for a reason, or so they say. So I'm going to think like i know my spurs girls would want me to think, and I'm going to enjoy the heck outta this weekend and I'm going to have fun and I'm not going to feel guilty about any of it. yay me!

i have a tiny confession to make i know ppl aren't perfect, there is no such thing but even tho i don't know him that well i feel like we have a perfect match thing going on. altho it may only evolve into a great friendship, which honestly i prefer at this time, im happy i met him. eww okay ill stop being so girly now. lol

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  1. I think being girly is the best thing of being a girl! Have a safe and fun-filled weekend! We'll be thinking of you and will be waiting w/twitter on in case you need us :)