Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Wrong Teams Are Winning

Wow. I didn't see but the first like 5 minutes of that game before i fell asleep. But it was not pretty at all. 40 points? Really. Wow. This series is getting really weird now that i think of it. First the Rockets won the 1st game in LA, totally unexpected. So everyone jumped on the bandwagon. And surprisingly they are totally capable of winning this series. Then the Lakers take 2 one at home & one in Houston. Then after Yao leaves the Rockets win here, and blow out the Lakers. Now the tables have completely turned. Wowza. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out.

Dallas, well they were SUPPOSED to be swept, according to my last blog. lol. that was just disappointing cause well i just don't like Dallas. After all that controversy i really wanted them to lose game four but that didn't happen. I'm sure the Nuggets will wrap it up today but still. It would have been sweet.

I'm totally rooting for Superman & Co. I don't want Boston to win. I don't know why but i just don't care for that team this year. Either way the Cavs will probably come out on top but still its be nice if Magic won the Eastern Conference.

And well I cant say anything about the Poor Atlanta. I wish they would have gotten one tho.

So far great playoffs. A little dirty, plenty of drama, but i must ask : Where will amazing happen?


  1. With all the confrontation and drama in the playoffs this yr, I'm finding the playoffs alot more physical and exciting! I guess we will have to see who comes out on top! Like I've said before, as long as it isn't Dallas or LA, I'll be a happy camper :)

  2. This entire season has been weird to me! lol I guess we'll just have to ride this one out.