Monday, May 04, 2009

Tattoo #2

Well Saturday started like most days. I got up cleaned a bit and took off with my sister. She took me for lunch, Chicago's Pizza & we went to Barnes & Noble. We ran all over Houston & had a great time!
So i go home relax and then head to my best friend's new home. She just moved from Austin. I help her do some arranging and all that.
Then we go to Sherlock's with my 2 sisters. Well technically i only have one sister but the other is my cousin. But she was raised around us and we are all pretty close so i consider her my sister too.
Anyways i was telling them how i have been wanting to get a cross tattoo with my grandma's name, well our nickname for her. Honey. Long story to that but i wont get into it. So my cousin suggested getting the breast cancer ribbon around a cross with her name thru it or just the ribbon. i loved the idea of the ribbon.
So we went to price them and since we wanted to get them all with the same guy he said it would be $30 a piece. Being the broke ass i was i suggested we get it done on Wednesday. Cuz i get paid Tuesday but my oldest sister said she would pay.
And therefore we all now have the pink breast cancer ribbon with Honey written thru it. They came out very nice & didn't hurt too bad.
I know its my 2nd tattoo in less than 2 weeks & my first tattoo. but i wanted to get something for this beautiful lady that i have privilege to call grandma or Honey. She is the rock of our family and has been for a long time, seeing her sick & have to battle cancer for the 3rd time in her life (2nd time w/ breast cancer) is something that is very hard for me to watch. She takes care of everyone in a way that is hard to explain.
To me specifically she has been a mother, friend and caretaker. I can talk to her about almost anything. And she always has stories to tell. I think that if i ever lost her i would crumble to pieces. Out of all of her grand kids, 1o, i would say i am honestly the closest. She tells me things in confidence about the family and about the things she wants when she dies. Its hard to hear these things but at the same time i know that I'm going to have to be the one to be strong and grant her those wishes. She always tells me that I'm the strong one & ill do what she wants. I try to be very strong for her but it is very hard.
With this tattoo on my back its a constant reminder that if i can be half as strong as she has been for the last 70+ years i know i can accomplish anything. and i know deep inside even though i don't always show it i have her strength in me, and that is the best gift i could ask for from my grandmother. Although i know she doesn't like tattoos and i know shell end up giving me a frown i know in the end shell like it & this way ill always have her close to my heart. I'm glad it was something i could do with my sisters. I'm glad we were able to share the experience. So i just wanted to share that with y'all.


  1. That's an awesome gesture. I love it when tatts have a special meaning for a person!

  2. That is so cool! I would like to get another tat but I completly1 freaked with the first one!!