Friday, May 01, 2009

My Very First Blog

Well this is gonna be short. 1st I want to say hello & i love you to all the people checking me out.

Ive decided to become a blogger. Mainly cause of my Spurs tweeple. I know I'm a loser like that but I can't explain how much these people mean to me. Its like one random day I saw the tweet from @spurs and logged on to the chat and I was hooked. Everyone is all about the Spurs & loving them. Of course these are the coolest people in the world. We became a mini-family. We all tweet each other all the time. You can always count on someone being on to talk to if your bored. Especially now that the season has ended and we are all bored. :(

But on a lighter note we are gonna come back stronger and more fierce than ever before, all we need is a little Manu-do! (yes i am shamefully reusing a joke!)

Back to business, i live in Houston but spent about 4 years out in San Antonio. It became my home, so living here in Houston is something that has become hard for me. I only moved back for personal/family related reasons, by no means do i plan to settle down here. So talking to all the Spurs people really gave me a piece of my home back. It made me feel complete again.

I'm sure some people think, "wow you're hardcore" but i see it as so much more. I see being a Spurs fan as belonging to some huge secret club. It has become part of me, like literally part of me. I recently got a pretty big Spur tattooed on my foot. Ill get to that in a minute.

So i while back i went to my 1st official Spurs game. The best time of my life. OMG seriously that was better than anything i have ever experienced. I was excited and screaming and cheering and a little drunk to be honest. They played the Houston Rockets, and yes they lost but it came down to the last 3pt attempt and Bonner missed but it was so movie like. The whole place kinda faded to a buzz and i saw it all in slow motion with my heart in my throat. It was the best. I would not trade that feeling for anything in the world.

So i have been saying for about a year now i was going to get this tattoo, its my first. I have wanted a tattoo of the spur to represent my love for the city, team & people. So i said i would do it on my 23rd birthday, about a month ago. Well i missed out cause of the partying. And then the playoffs started. They lost the first game to Dallas and that was upsetting, but then "The Tony Parker Show" came on! And i had quitely told myself if they won this game, whether they lose the series or dont win another one, which they didnt, i would just do it tomorrow. The game was on a Monday and Tuesday night i got it. I consider that a sign. Cause i was going to do it regardless i was gonna take some people and i was gonna make a big thing. But im like this is for me. I tweeted the experience. So my best friend said lets have a drink we went to get appetizers and drinks and then i told her your taking me to get a tattoo. And that was how it went. Perfect. Completely for me & my spurs. Mom was easy Dad was the hard one. My mom thought it would be smaller but thats all she said. Dad didnt believe me when i told him so then i just waited until he saw it. He thought it was a temporary one. It was funny and then he shook his head and said "i cant believe you have a spur on your foot"

Needless to say living in Houston i get hated on by Rockets fans but all i can do is smile cause honestly i really dont give a damn what they think. Anyways most of them are bandwagoners. I mean come on its the Rockets. lol. Also on teams i dont like in this order: Mavs, Lakers, Rockets. But i love the game. No matter who is playing. So i must pick a team for this season, since the Spurs wont be our champions and im really rooting for the Bulls. I would love to see Kobe, KG & James all lose to Rose. That would be great, honestly they need tone down the diva in them.

My spurs tweeps who make the day worthwhile have really been awesome and important to me. I mean come on who would go make a chatroom/website for us to have and enjoy because is no longer hosting one, since the season has ended? @rita202109 thats who! and its great!! now we can hold on to a piece of our little haven!!

Wow i said this would be short. Lol. Well i just wanted to share my best Spurs experiences as of lately and also to say hello & why i love my Spurs.

Mad, Huge, Love to all the Spurs fans out there, especially: @rita202109, @rattlergrl, @rose_flores, @illegalvenez, @jwinfrmsa, @rattlerguy, @bobpalsf, @spursgurl, @iamgrey, @da_ch0sen1, @beatlesnspurs, @gospurs927, @becca1984, @junebone & of course @spurs!

Peace, Love & Spurs!

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  1. Well I am happy that you have begun the whole blog thing. For me it started as a suggestion, a sort of theraputic thing in helping me deal with a personal loss. I found that it really helped and so I decided to create another one that could be public that would be full of random thoughts and things. I'm still learning all the different things you can add. I think it's fun!! I really look forward to reading your blogs. Sorry I wrote so much. I'll try not to in the future :)