Thursday, May 07, 2009

For The Love Of...

As a Spurs fan, i consider myself unbaised in this series between Houston & Los Angeles. Most Spurs fans would tell you, "I want the Lakers to lose, period." I however am not one of these people. I dislike both teams, okay I don't like the Lakers more but still im in Houston and I have to hear a lot of shit from Rockets fans about my Spurs so they are a very close 2nd. But either way I could care less who wins. That was until after last night.

You know what im talking about. I watched the 1st half, good game, not too eventful Lakers leading, the Rockets managed to even it up by half time. Of course i heard the whistle every ten seconds thanks to our "favorite" ref Mr. Joey Crawford himself. But i dozed off, decided Lakers probably had this one. No biggie. Got up around 3 to pee, i know TMI, lol, went ahead n checked the score on my phone. Lakers won, cool series tied.

Then the DRAMA happened.

Im driving to work and hear that it was a bad night for the Rockets, ok, of course they lost no big deal. Sometimes you lose. I hear Artest was ejected, sucks, but from what i hear he's a hot head. Again no big deal. I get to work i see @JWinfrmSA says something about 2 ejections & 5 technicals!! Im like WTF!! So i ask a guy who else got ejected? Derek Fisher, oh ok. So im thinking well they probably got into a scuffle and were both ejected same time. Boy was i wrong, before starting work i do what must be done first. Log on to and watch the highlights. lol

That was bullshit, excuse my language but it was. First that cocky mf-er Kobe was acting, well like Kobe. Big reason i dont like Kobe, and several other players but i wont get into that. So i cant believe Artest was thrown out and precious Kobe, totally obvious he's talking sh!t acts like he didnt do anything. BS! We saw Artest almost get whiplash from that elbow. That was one dick move on part of the officials. Someone should have reviewed that or something. That was almost as bad as when Duncan was thrown out for the infamous "laughing".

Okay so things calm down and then Derek Fisher decides, "you know what i always wanted to be in the NFL" and decides to pretty much tackle Luis Scola. Again not a Rockets fan, but that is my fictional husband's homeboy! Scola is a classy man cuz had that been me, or most other people, Fisher's little ass would have been grass! lol.

Mind you, this was just watching the highlights. I didnt see any of this live. But i was really upset. I guess this is why im a Spurs fan. Cause my guys would never behave this way. Had something like this happened i know Pop would have been tomato red with his hair flaming but the guys would be classy. As they alway are.

*Gulp* So i guess what im saying is that i support the Rockets in these series to defeat the Lakers, i might even put on a red shirt tomorrow. But trust it wont say Rockets, lol. Okay guys now dont make me put my foot in my mouth after Game 3. Good Luck & As Always:

i did it in Red to show support for the Rockets, shh
And just because:

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  1. Yup. The Spurs are one classy team!! When I found out about all the things that went on during that game...I swear I freaked out...

    Go Spurs Go..and since the rockets have no chant...Go Rockets! lol