Friday, May 15, 2009


Okay you know what this is gonna be about. Ill try to keep it quick but i feel the need to voice my opinion clearly.

During that whole "drama" on chat last night i was a bit offended and also completely misunderstood. Mark said that "people like u" (referring to me i think) are the reason others get a bad reputation or whatever. This is wrong in so many ways.

I'm sure Eminem grew up in the ghetto and had a tough life and in no way was anything i was saying referring to Eminem's life. i was strictly talking about his music. i don't know Eminem like that, so how can i even begin to talk about what hes been thru. My whole point was that his music does not always reflect his "pain" and to me that is what rap should be about.

Some people call me ghetto cause i love rap. But its the same as any music, the artists is trying to tell their story and its a different way to be told but i think it cuts deeper cause some of these people have not just had broken hearts but tough lives. when someone is a good rapper they aren't just selling records but telling their story.

So they topic was ghetto, altho i know ghetto more refers to a place than a person i use that term all the time to describe people. some people have a ghetto appearance, now that doesn't make them a bad person, i never said that, like i said because some people refer to me as ghetto i don't get offended by this term and ill call people ghetto too sometimes in a negative way sometimes positive. Its all peoples interpretation.

So don't be hypocritical and say I'm the one judging someone, when you turn around and tell me i don't understand because i cant relate. You don't know what I've been through and you surely don't know my life.

My problem with the entire conversation is that were different, so in the words of TI:
"In order to understand my train of thoughts
You'll have to put yourself in my position
You can't expect me to think like you cause my life ain't like yours
You know what I'm saying?
If you don't understand that you don't understand English
I'm done talking! "
That's all I'm saying i made my peace and i hope that it makes sense and clears up any confusion on what was said via Spurs Fan Chat last night. Thanks!


  1. all ive got to say is.... dammit! why was @ work when this happened lol

    and dont worry about some lil kid who himself doesnt even know what guetto really means...

  2. ooooh girly i know!!!!! this topic was okay when it was just a discussion but it turned south faster than TP in the open court with a junior high female point guard guarding him!

    That whole moment I think got alot of people a little irritated (the people like you) i thought he was referring it to me honestly.

    THEN..oh THEN he tweets about people hating and judging because we don't know...yet he was casting judgment on all of us too!!!!

    Let's just say I'm all up for a good discussion on the chat but from now on as soon as it gets too heated I'm definatley going to put an end to it real quick!

  3. That discussion was something else, I even forgot that there was a game going on!! In my opinion, it was kind of difficult to have a nice civilized discussion b/c some of us are a little mature than others. I mean c'mon no one else left tweets after about placing judgement and all that other crap!! It's difficult talking to a person who has their mind already set on a topic and refuses to step back and see the whole issue at hand.
    All I have to say to you Ms.Gino is that I applaud you for talking back and being able to prove that you know what you're talking about. For our young friend, I seriously doubt that at 15 yrs old a person is able to truly relate to a person that is 37 yrs old. Then again, that's just my opinion and that's all I'm saying!! :)

  4. I don't know who this TI is but they sound wise enough. I think I've heard's a him right?.. but that's a different story.. not my cup of tea. Anyways, yeah the chat got kind of crazy! What's funny is that I don't mind Eminem yet Mark made me totally hate him and his music for like a split second! But kudos to you for making sure you get your point across. You were able to keep a levelhead about it even when you were battling someone who was talking crazy at one point.
    But then again I must say that I would have reacted the same way when I was 15. At that time..oh hell no you couldn't put punk down. If you insulted the ramones, it was enough for me to want to hit you. So once I realized that I was him many many years ago...I thought it was funny and I was able to calm down and get over it a bit.
    So although emotions ran high it was really fun and got everyone going!