Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Your Brooms Ready

After a disappointing early end to the Spurs season, nothing seems nicer than seeing the Dallas Mavericks season end in a SWEEP! lol I saw that "controversial" play, and it happens. But at the same time i don't think Dallas can be that upset. I mean you wouldn't be down by 2 games already had you been the "better" team. Last year we experienced that with the Lakers. A foul wasn't called and the game was lost. So that just means what, play harder. But i am looking forward to watching that game tonight. I hope the Nuggets pull it off, it'd be nice.

I haven't been following the Cavaliers too much, partially because i think we'll see them in the finals regardless and the other part is because i don't know if i like them yet. I'm on the fence about Lebron James. The Eastern Conference finals i will watch and i guess ill make my decision at that point. I'm sure they'll sweep Atlanta like they did Detroit.

I'm hoping that Orlando takes Boston, however that has been an interesting series like with the Lakers & Rockets. Well with the head slap to start things off. lol. So far altho our Spurs didn't make it the other teams seem to be putting on a show for us who are still having withdrawals.

Basketball, where would we be without it.


  1. If the mavs do get swept..the first thing I want to see is the look on Cuban's face!!