Sunday, May 10, 2009


This will be pretty short. As I'm sure you know i was pretty freaking pissed about my whole best friends situation. So when i was getting ready i was kind of down. But i just dismissed it. Mike told me, go have fun with your family and don't let her ruin the weekend. So i did my best.

First thing i went shopping on Saturday and got 2 pairs of shoes for $100 i was super excited and they are super fabulous so that started off good. 1 pair i had been wanting for a while some gorgeous purple ones, and at 40% off i couldn't resist, then the black ones caught my eye so i just had to. like my mom said i hadn't treated myself in a while and its not like I'm saving money to move out so i can dip in the piggy bank just a tad for something nice.

then the wedding was absolutely great. i got to meet cousins and uncles and aunts and just family that i didn't know. i felt so comfortable it was really nice. i got a little bit drunk but that's okay too nothing bad or embarrassing. i was listening to stories of them and just the gossip about people i didn't really know and just laughing and enjoying the night. I've always felt i fit in with my moms side of the family. we are all pretty close, but when it came to my dads i never found my place. i never felt like i was one of them. I even wondered how my dad came from them. But then i found where i fit. His moms side of the family. They were even telling me i was one of them, a Garcia. And that felt nice. To know where i came from but at the same time to feel like i belong there with them.

so i guess she wasn't supposed to go. it was supposed to be me with my family. In the end I'm over it. I'm glad she didn't go, I'm upset still, in a way, that she is being a bad friend. but I'm happy that she wasn't there cause thinking back, what if she decided to be moody and just ruined the whole experience. I guess somethings do happen for a reason.

thank you guys for being there to listen to me complain and to offer good advice as well as just agreeing with me. you rock and make this awkward time in my friendship, that has been so solid for 10+ years now, somehow bearable. Thanks!


  1. I'm glad you had so much fun at the wedding!!

  2. I am so glad that you had fun at the wedding also!! Funny how things have a way of working themselves out in the end :)